Isaiah 6:8

And then I heard the voice of the Lord say, "Whom shall I send? Who will go for us?" I spoke up. "I'll go. Send me!"

~ Isaiah 6:8



Thursday, March 22, 2012

Intercede. Invest. Invite.

This is the strategy Forest Hill has laid out to pursue the Great Commission, to make disciples. Literal translations often cite the Great Commission to say, "as you are going, make disciples." Going certainly doesn't necessitate global travels, it could be going to your local shelter, going to your neighbors house, going out of your way to invest in someone's life. But going is certainly a verb - an action - a call.

I interpret the investing portion to be the Go - in order to invest in someone, you have to meet them where they are. I am called to leave the comfort of my own life and routines to give my life away. Losing my life is the investment. As a banker I think of investing as a financial decision...a person sacrifices the short term enjoyment from spending today's dollars to invest for an even more enjoyable future. It is obvious that I should invest for retirement, it is routine; I don't even think about it - in fact most of my investment dollars are taken out before I even see my paycheck.

Why then is the investment of my life not as apparent to me? Investing my time today following God's will is going to have far greater returns than any financial instrument in the market. Even if I had been an original investor in google - I would not be as rich as the poorest person in His eternal Kingdom. I once was asked,  "how much money do you think Warren Buffet will have when he dies?"  I, of course, stuttered and stammered thinking I was supposed to come up with a sophisticated model of friend chuckled. Then, he answered - "the answer is nothing, silly...he doesn't get to take any of it with him." My money, possessions, and things I prize are all going to burn one day - but I hope that the legacy I leave will reap eternal rewards.

As this team goes to invest in Burundi - please be interceding with us. Please pray for the people of Burundi. Pray for the people we invest in to feel the love of God pouring out of us. Pray that they accept an invitation to live in relationship with Christ or feel encouraged to continue in their walk with the Lord.

I ask that you intercede for this team also. I pray that our hearts are completely broken in Burundi. That we leave with an entirely new perspective on what it means to give our whole heart, soul, and mind. I have heard stories of Burundians shouting to the Lord with joy and thanksgiving - even though it is the second poorest nation in the world. As I am typing to you tonight from my wireless internet connection in the comfort of my air-conditioned apartment, I ask that you intercede for this team. Ask for our hearts to soften, for us to be less tied to the things of this world and even more invigorated to make the greatest investment possible. Pray that we be alert and listening for His will and that we have agile feet in pursuing it - even at the cost of worldly successes.

I also ask that you invest in this team with your money and talents. Your call to action may not be across the globe but you can be a vessel in this journey. Come to the event on Sunday, spend an evening getting to know this team, laughing with us, being a part of God's provision for us, and learning about those we are going to invest in with our lives.

Take this journey with us. Start your own journey. If you cannot attend Sunday or don't feel led to invest dollars in this team - please invest time. Spend some time interceding for us; spend some time serving those around you. Go and make disciples - nothing could ever support us more than that.

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